Making Connections

Varsity baseball ready for playoffs

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In any sports team, the key to success is not the player’s skill level, but the ability to connect and play well with their teammates. This year’s varsity baseball team has a league record of 10-4, the team’s well-balanced chemistry being a contributing factor to the victories.

“It’s [the team’s chemistry] really good, it’s better than any year I think we’ve had, that’s kind of what makes us a team and makes us really good,” says junior Dylan Smethurst.

With playoffs looming around the corner, the seniors take one last look at their high school baseball career and the juniors look forward to the expectations set for next year.

“I’m definitely proud that this is my last season, just of what I’ve accomplished and what my team has accomplished, but I’m definitely sad that this is our last season,” says senior Sam Curtis.

Since the team is the first seed in the league of their bracket, though, the outlook is very promising. Due to their high seeding, Rocklin will play their first game at home on May 14 in the second round of playoffs against the winner of Oak Ridge vs. Napa. If the team continues moving on in the single elimination bracket, they could get a chance to face Elk Grove, a team currently number one in their league that the Thunder haven’t played in the regular season.

The stakes are high but the team has come far since the beginning of the season.

“Everyone’s been making huge improvements, even going to playoffs, we’re all still getting better,” says Sac State bound senior Ryan Smith.

As for the motivation, all the team has to do is remember the philosophy on the back of their jerseys, “anything that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”