The Life of a Three-Sport Athlete

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There are always the students who are sports-driven, always needing something to do or just needing to get up and move around. There are some students, however, that don’t always need something to do because they’re always busy without request. These students are the ones who transition between a fall, winter, and spring sport.

And of course, balancing homework and sports is a stressful and at times frustrating thing to do, along with spending time with family and seeing friends and if you’re a junior or senior, worrying about the future, too, can get to be a big contributor to headaches and/or experiencing stress. So how do you do all of it?

“Because I’m in three sports, I’m able to stay in a routine, so by the time I get into my second or third sport, I’m already in that same routine so it’s not as hard,” says junior Max O’Rourke who plays football, basketball and volleyball.

For some though, it’s all worth it to get the ball in the basket, score the winning touchdown, win the race, or even just being their for the team.

“I get something out of every one of my sports, especially in basketball specifically this year because I didn’t play a lot, so I was able to learn and benefit the team in other ways like just being helpful at practice to make the starters better,” says junior Garrett Kauppila who plays football, basketball and runs track.

Maybe, too, it’s not just the team, but an icon or a memory that helps each person uniquely to inspire them.

“Some of the trainers and coaches I’ve had in basketball really motivate me and just watching players on TV, like, I want to do that, I want to do what they do,” says sophomore Jordan Purvis who runs cross country, track and plays basketball.

No matter if it is a coach, trainer or parent, three season athletes do not only get inspired but inspire others with their determination and perseverance, traits that are not only admirable, but are strived for, and if not, should be.