Q&A with Wrestler Skyler Gonzalez

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Q: How do you feel about your accomplishments?

A: Um, I don’t know, it was fun, I had fun wrestling and I mean, I’m happy where I ended at the end of the year.


Q: Do you plan to wrestle in college?

A: I’m not sure yet, we’re just going to see what happens.


Q: What college offers have you received?

A: No official offers, but I have some visits planned.


Q: How long have you wrestled?

A: Since seventh grade.


Q: Picture yourself a year ago, thinking back could you have pictured yourself as 4th in the state for wrestling?

A: No, it kinda just happened.


Q: What was your inspiration to keep you on the mat for as long as you could?

A: I don’t know, I just didn’t want to let myself down, I knew I had the potential to do what I did, so I wanted to do it.


Q: Do you have a “good luck” tradition that you do every time before you go on the mat that you believe brings you fortune?

A: Um, I wear a pair of Angry Birds underwear to weigh-in’s so that would be my good luck fortune.


Q: Overall do you think this was the highlight of your senior year, why or why not?

A: Yeah, because I mean when you’re out there on the mat its just you and, I don’t know, its a highlight of what you do and what you represent as a person and a wrestler.