ASB Dance List

Dances: The room is dripping with energy, everyone is breaking a sweat from the heat of the crowd and the dancing, no one can hear anything from the volume of the music, and everyone is dancing to…a pop song by One Direction?

Every student who has gone to a Rocklin High School dance knows the agony of the song list for the night. Instead of heavy rap that most prefer, the DJ plays radio songs that have gotten old or classics that don’t belong at a high school dance. While it is fun at first to mess around with friends and belt out the lyrics to “Just Give Me A Reason,” it gets old jumping around to mediocre songs with no real motivation to get excited.

However, ASB has decided to take this issue in their hands.

“We decided to create a song suggestion list for the DJ about three dances back for the Winter Jig dance because the DJ didn’t play the best music so we wanted to give him a feedlist to go from if he had no suggestions left,” says sophomore class officer CJ Gohl.

This idea had originated from the activities committee and although it is not an actual set list that goes “1,2,3..” it does benefit the students overall now that their requests will actually be inputted instead of rarely referred to.

“Basically its just a song list that people put songs on that people tend to dance more to at the dance,” CJ continues.

The question is, however, will ASB be the only recommending members or do the students of Rocklin High outside of ASB get a say? And if that is the case, will the music be even more censored than it already is or will the students give a positive reaction to the songs proposed?

“Anybody in ASB can put song suggestions on there and anybody from Rocklin can let anybody from ASB know what they want on the list,” CJ said.

From what it sounds like, Rocklin High students are finally getting their wish come true, or partly their wish come true.

When asked about if the new suggestion list will affect the “freak dancing” rule, CJ responds with saying, “I think people are going to do it no matter what.”

However sophomore class officer Luke Zianno trails off saying, “Depending on the song..”

Overall, this new song suggestion list sounds like one less thing for Rocklin High students to complain about and one more thing for them to get excited about.