Is a Jersey Shore Theme Appropriate?

Seniors are given the reality show Jersey Shore for Runaway and we are left to question ASBs theme choice.

Is a Jersey Shore Theme Appropriate?

“GTL” has once again made its way to the campus of Rocklin High School. The craze that made Snooki, The Situation, and JWoww household names has resurfaced for Runaway week.

Three years ago, Jersey Shore was one of the most popular shows on television. “Jerseday” was a known term referring to the day that new episodes premiered and the infamous Snooki bump became a recognizable trademark.

Now, two years after the show has wrapped ASB has made it the senior’s theme for this week’s spirit activities. Though the theme of the week is Reality TV and Jersey Shore is one of the more successful reality shows, Jersey Shore is notorious for its characters’ promiscuous escapades and questionable morals. An interesting choice of theme for a high school which is stringent in rules ,expectations and regulations.

ASB works incredibly hard to come up with creative and new themes for every dance and spirit week that we so love here on campus. We applaud that. Discussions concerning Runaway theme begin shortly after homecoming wraps and it is understandable that constantly coming up with new ideas is difficult and on the whole they do a remarkable job. However, this particular show shines a spotlight on behavior that Rocklin High School would never tolerate, let alone advocate.

Reality Television programs are of course often questionable and made to be over the top, yet the other classes’ themes include less controversial shows including: Duck Dynasty, Survivor and Cops.

These shows, though dramatic and unrealistic, do not show young adults engaging in excessive drinking, partying, or sexual promiscuity that took place in every episode of Jersey Shore.

If you watch just one episode, you will see an obscene amount of cursing, fighting, and even people in bed with one another. How can our school support us imitating a show featuring this behavior yet barely allow tank tops on campus?

Quite frankly, our school is demonstrating a  hypocritical side of itself by choosing this theme. Our discipline code  is strict and one’s and punishment for breaking it can be rather extreme and rapid,  and yet seniors are allowed to choose to imitate and glorify Jersey Shore- like behavior in the name of spirit?

Though seniors are not going to be sauntering onto campus with a beer and a bikini, it is the principle of the message that is unnerving.

Wednesday, the dress up day is “Reality Day” where one dresses up as representations of their show for spirit points. Yet, if seniors truly dressed like any of the girls showcased on Jersey Shore, they would be sent home for dress code without question.

Yes, there are ways to jokingly imitate Jersey Shore that does not include dressing and acting identically like the characters. We understand that the point is not to outright support unruly behavior but to have fun with an outrageous pop-culture trademark.

But at a school like Rocklin where being a minute late to class earns you an hour of detention and showing your undershirt is against dress code, allowing Jersey Shore to be showcased as a theme is questionable at best and dangerous at worst.