Quarry Classic: will Rocklin win again?

Whitney plays Rocklin this Friday for this seasons biggest game


The week before winter break is full of excitement as classes wrap up the final semesters, teachers squeeze in one last test, and students frantically try to balance their grades and all of the activities of the winter season. To add to the excitement is the anticipated Quarry Classic at the end of the week to start off the end of the semester.

The Quarry Classic is the game where both varsity basketball teams play the cross town rival Whitney high school – and although the game is not for league play, there might be just as much at stake: bragging rights.

Last year Rocklins Varsity boys won 61 to 55 and the Varsity girls basketball team also took a substantial win over the Wildcats. This year, they are preparing to do the same.

The Girls team is a younger team this year, but most of them have been playing up to get more experience. They have also all played together for a long time, which helps with team chemistry.

“We have the potential to be really good if we play together,” junior Kelsey Summers said about the team.

As of right now, the team has a 3-3 record coming out of the Lodi Tournament this past weekend. The team wants to make it to playoffs this year, but most importantly win league.

This week, they will have two games prior to the big rivalry on Friday, and they are going to use them as practice for the match against Whitney. The game should be a good match, as the Whitney team is currently undefeated.

The Boys Varsity team is also going to take on the Wildcats on Friday. They are currently 3-3, coming out of a tough Jesuit tournament.

The Jesuit tournament, which took place last weekend, was a good experience for the team because they were the only public school team – which means that they were the only unrecruited team.

Junior Max O’Rourke said about the tournament, “We really grew as a team in the tournament.”

Like the girls team, the boys basketball team is young.

“Last year’s team had more experience because they were all seniors who had played a full season before,” Max said. “This year’s team has more talent and just needs to get that experience.”

This year, the boys are focusing less on wins and losses and more on success as a team each game. They are approaching the Whitney game just like a normal game.

The Varsity boys Whitney team is currently 6-3 and because of the big upset last year to give them the loss, they will be out to compete against the Thunder.

Come out and support the Varsity teams this Friday as they compete against the Whitney Wildcats. Go Thunder!