The Struggle of a Dancer

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The Struggle of a Dancer

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“I many not be on the dance team, but that doesn’t mean I’m not good at [dance]”, said Abby Brown.

She has been dancing since she was ten and has never thought about stopping. She has tried every type of dance from hip hop to interpretive. She also has many trophies from all of her competitions.

Abby may appear fine, but it has been a major struggle to put as much time and effort into school as she does dancing. She loves dance so much, but finds it hard to focus on school when the only thing she wants to do is dance. Most teachers, besides the dance teachers, won’t let their students learn by dancing.

This puts a lot of pressure on her, causing frustration. Which makes it harder for her to understand on what’s going on in school. Its also hard if she is failing a class or has a big, upcoming test to study for that affects her grades. Since her life revolves around the dance floor, she can hardly think of school.

“When I wake up I think about dance, when I go to school I have a dance class every day, when I’m in class all I can think about is dance and I start to move my feet in my last routine, and when I get home I get ready for dance class,” Abby said about what she does each day.

Her time at school is nothing but a blur to her because dance is always on her mind. She also has a hard time keeping up with her friends because at lunch she goes into the dance room, but not as badly as her school work is going.

“It just seems like the books and work keep piling up and that it will never end”, Abby said.

When she is at a competition, not only is she worried about the crowd looking up at her and missing a step, but also about her grades. She wishes she could do better, but she just can’t seem to get interested into school. But once she hits the dance floor, everything changes.

“Once I’m on the dance floor, I don’t think about my grades or my failing class, all I can think about is dancing,” she said.

She puts all her heart into dancing and she understands that she is good at that and does not want to focus on anything else, but dance. She doesn’t want to attend college. Instead, she wants to dance. The only classroom of higher educations she plans to step foot in, is a dance room.

“I don’t want to do anything else but dance, so why should I focus on something that I know I’m not going to be doing. If I do end up going to college it will be for dancing, not where I have to sit in a little desk and listen to a teacher writing on the write board…. instead the class will be a dance room where the teacher shows us how to dance better.”

So Abby doesn’t want to worry about school since all she cares about is dance. Her ultimate goal is to become a better dancer, so she can dance her way to her future.