Miao or Machine?

Senior George Miao balances a schedule of seven AP classes, cross country, and applying to colleges.


Seniors at Rocklin High School are busy this time of the year with worrying about sports, clubs, school and college. One example is Senior George Miao, who is balancing seven AP classes and cross country along with his college applications.

He recently ran in the Stanford Invitational with the school team on September 28th of this year and won the event with a time of 15:46 for a 5K, roughly 3.1 miles, beating the next competitor by 12 seconds. Rocklin won the event overall as well, beating out all of the other teams in the SFL, as well as taking down teams from Northern California and Southern California as well. George took the lead halfway through the race, and then pulled away from the competition.

“I felt pretty good about the race itself, I wish I ran faster though.” George said.

George has been a fast runner since his middle school days. He ran a 5:49 mile in 7th grade, and once in 8th grade made the decision to take running seriously. He ran a 4:51 mile in 8th grade, and his fastest time in a mile has been 4:18.1 at the Sacramento Meet of Champions, where he represented Rocklin individually in April of this year.

Normally in a week nowadays, he runs 60 to 70 miles. On top of the that, George lifts weights and does strength training to put him in the best position to win.

Excelling in both academics and sports, George’s choice in school is Harvard University, one of the most prestigious schools in the country.

George is obviously dedicated to success, and he does all of his “homework at lunch and [tries] to finish all of it quickly.”

At Harvard, they don’t offer athletic scholarships, so George is hoping that his academics will live up to Harvard’s lofty standards. That being said, there are very few students who take seven AP classes, including Chemistry, Calculus BC, Literature, Spanish, Microeconomics,  Psychology, and Computer Science.

“The coaches there want me, and I hope they accept my application.” George says.

Harvard is easily one of the hardest schools to get accepted to, as well as being one of the most prestigious. George Miao is hoping he can once again run away from the competition, but this time academically.