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Tacos for Whitney

New Taco Bell Opened by Whitney High School

Miranda DaVoulas

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Whitney has recently gained a new fast food restaurant right near their high school. This new location will open up students at the school to a much needed local eatery.

The restaurant will allow WHS students to easily hang out with not only their friends, but also their families. Just 10 minutes away, Rocklin High students will also be able to enjoy the major food chain’s newest location.

Whitney High School, in comparison to schools like Rocklin or Del Oro, has a lower number of devolved restaurants and areas for students to congregate after school. Popular chains like Taco Bell are being built giving people in the area the opportunity to stay closer to their community.

“There are so many places to go here in Rocklin’s area so now Whitney has a place for them to go to,” said sophomore Hannah Corliss.

With the development by Whitney, we can expect to see less WHS students coming near Rocklin to hangout after school.

“I feel like kids from Whitney won’t go as far to find somewhere to just chill after school,” said sophomore Sebastian Kirchner.

Even though the effects will not be major, new developments near Whitney may unfortunately over time end up keeping students excluded from areas around Rocklin High. With this however may come less traffic after school all over the city.

The new Taco Bell will serve as a significant new eatery by Whitney High and hopefully be the start of an array of developments in that area. So far it has gained a positive reaction.

“I went and everything was really fast. It was great,” said sophomore Monique Ploughe.

Hopefully the new Taco Bell can continue its great service and remain popular with Whitney locals.

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