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Science Supermodels


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Very recently, a few of Rocklin High’s own students were featured as models in a promotional magazine. The catalogue was for PASCO, a company specializing in designing and manufacturing educational technology in science for schools globally. The students were part of the 2014 K-12 science edition catalog.

Look at the full catalog here

Rocklin High physics teacher Mr. Geoff Clarion works for PASCO during the summer and is moderately involved in the company. He is the one who recruited the Rocklin students for the catalog photoshoot.

“This isn’t the first year we’ve done this. Once every few years, we would look for students to model in the catalogue,” he says.

When asked about his choice of students, Mr. Clarion replied that PASCO was looking for more minority representation in its promotions, so that was the main factor which affected his overall decision.

The photoshoot itself took place a few months ago, on two separate days. One day was at the PASCO facility in Roseville, while the other day was at Rocklin High’s room F2 in the chemistry building. Both shoots were very long, taking around eight hours. Lunch was provided for the students participating.

As for the students themselves, many of them thought it was a very boring and tedious process.

“We had to stand there and repeat a phrase or something over and over again because they wanted us to look like we were actively engaging in the scientific activity we were supposed to be doing,” said senior Leilah Lockett.

When asked if modeling was something she would like to try again, she replied,

“Yeah, if the opportunity presented itself I would like to do it again. It was an interesting experience to have.”

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